BS8599-1:2019 Critical Injury Pack – 10 Applications in Budapest Metal Wall Cabinet

£1,031.00 + VAT

This critial injury pack is designed to provide immediate, life-saving first aid to someone who has sustained a severe bleeding injury.


Simple to use emergency medical packs, stored in a quick-response Marseilles medical bag.
Designed to treat the types of severe bleeding injuries standard first aid items can’t.
Suitable to treat up to 10 casualties simultaneously.

2 Dressing, Haemostatic
2 Dressings, Trauma, Large
1 Foil Blanket, Adult
2 Gloves, Pairs
1 Guidance Leaflet
1 Shears
1 Tourniquet

Dimension/Size: 53cmH x 53cmW x 19cmD

Unit: 1