HSE Workplace Plus Kit in Sofia Metal Wall Cabinet

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Ideal storage for your first aid supplies. Lockable with keys. Can be wall mounted. Available with or without first aid contents.

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Professionally chosen contents.
Broad range of emergency items.
Exceeds minimum content (risk dependent).
Perfect for first aid rooms.
Secure, wall mounting, lockable.

6 Bandage, Triangular
3 Dressing, Large HSE 18cm x 18cm
9 Dressing, Medium HSE 12cm x 12cm
2 Dressings Eye Pad
1 Eye Wash, Bottle 500ml
2 Gloves, Pairs
1 Guidance Leaflet
100 Plasters, Washproof Assorted
12 Safety Pins
10 Wipes, Cleansing

Dimension/Size: 40cmH x 30cmW x 12cmD

Unit: 1