Do – Assess the risks

This part of the framework ensures that people are protected from potential hazards and is where your risk assessment comes in. Your aim is to create a management system that ensures risks are dealt with sensibly, responsibly and proportionately.

Use your risk assessment process to identify the risks, decide who may be harmed and determine the control measures needed to manage the risks.

Remember to use your risk profile to decide which risks are the most significant and need to be prioritised.

The risk assessment should be completed by a competent person who has knowledge of the workplace processes and activities. Be sure to consult with workers too as they are likely to have first-hand experience of the risks.

The Law

In some countries their law states that a risk assessment must be ‘suitable and sufficient’, so the amount of detail you go into will depend on the size of your business and the level of risk.

What’s important is that the assessment shows that:

A proper check was made.

•  You have determined who might be affected.

•  You have dealt with all the significant risks.

•  The precautions you have introduced are reasonable and the remaining risk is low.

•  You have involved your workers or their representatives in the process.