Training and information

Employees need to have the skills, knowledge and experience to carry out their duties safely.  This means that everyone in the workplace needs to receive adequate health and safety training appropriate to their role and responsibilities..

Training helps workers to gain the skills, knowledge and competence needed to carry out their work safely and without risk to theirs others health and safety.  It should include information about the risks involved in their work and the steps that need to be taken to reduce or remove those risks.

The information and training provided should be in a form that is easy to grasp so that everyone working for you knows and understands what they are expected to do.
Training can be provided online, on the job, in writing or through verbal instructions.

Although every employee should receive health and safety training, it is particularly important in the following situations:

•  When people are new to the job.

•  On exposure to new or increased risks.

•  Where existing skills need updating.

•  When people change jobs or take on new responsibilities.

•  If a person is particularly vulnerable to accidents, for example because they are pregnant or disabled.