Fit Notes

It’s also worth noting that people don’t always have to be fully recovered to go back to work, as work can often help with the recovery process.
If a person has been off work with a mental health condition, which affects their fitness for work, then they may receive a ‘fit note’ from their GP which states practical information about what they are capable of doing when they return (rather than what they can’t do).

The fit note can be used by employers to see whether they can make any changes to the workplace to help the person return to work. The following tick boxes found on the form will show the GP’s recommended workplace adjustments:
• A phased return to work.
• Altered hours.
• Amended duties.
• Workplace adaptors.

The doctor can also use the comments box to give more detailed advice about what the person can do at work.
Click on the following link for help and advice for employers on employees return to work – ‘Fit For Work’