Phased return to work

If an employee is not ready to return to work full-time straight away, you may wish to consider offering a phased return.

This means that the individual has the option to make part-time links with the workplace before coming back to work full-time. For example, coming into the workplace for a meeting beforehand or attending Monday morning catch-ups only for a couple of weeks.

A phased return means that the person can gradually return to work over an agreed period of time with which they feel comfortable.

You may also wish to consider a Wellness Action Plan (WAP), which is a self-management tool that individuals can use in order to support their own mental health at work. Filling out a WAP means that there are pre agreed practical steps in place when situations arise. For example, the plan may contain information on symptoms to look out for or may explain the adjustments needed for moments when the employee is finding work overwhelming.

Click on the following link and you can order a free guide to Wellness Action Plans from the Mind website.