Promoting a Healthy Workplace

Your aim should be to send a clear message to all members of staff that wellbeing matters and mental health is not a topic to be feared. Promoting a healthy workplace will encourage an open dialogue and show that mental health is not taboo.

A good way to begin this is to educate and inform staff members from the very beginning. At each worker’s induction, provide information on the mental health support that’s available and provide equality and diversity training to demonstrate that tolerance is a key part of the business. You should also have a policy in place to deal with any sort of discriminative behaviour.

Your organisation should further look to have clear policies about promoting staff wellbeing, covering everything from health and safety to sickness absence. This includes a policy showing that you are committed to tackling the causes of work-related stress and mental health conditions.

Promoting a health workplace at the top management level shows it’s a topic to be taken seriously, the positive effects of which will soon filter down through all levels of the business.