Which Adjustments are Needed

The adjustments that you’ll need to make are dependent on the individual employee concerned. Sometimes only small changes will be needed to make a difference but on other occasions you may need to implement several, bigger adjustments.

Put the individual at the centre of the discussion about adjustments, use their input so you can meet their specific needs. Being flexible and creative about the changes you make is essential.

You can also contact the person’s doctor or occupational health specialist to ask for help and/or guidance, but you must get your employee’s written, informed consent to do this.

Click on the links below for the ‘Access to Work’ and ‘Equality Act 2010’ websites for more information,

Access to Work is a government-run programme that aims to help disabled people get into and retain employment. They have recently introduced a Mental Health Support Service that employers can use if they need to make adjustments beyond what is ‘reasonable’ for them as, for disabled people making workplace adjustments is a legal obligation for employers under the Equality Act.