PPD Safety Training is now part of the Compliance Standard Group. Gloucestershire based PPD Safety Training has provided training to hundreds of businesses and individuals across the country over the past two decades. PPD was established in 2002 when founder Dave Middlemiss left the RAF after spending over 20 years managing occupational health and risk management, medical training and health & safety.

The Compliance Standard Group provide comprehensive support within Environmental, Health & Safety, Quality, Security and Facilities Management functions for a wide remit of organisations. The Compliance Standard Group also encompasses other group brands including regulatory compliance software provider icet solutions, and Compliance Marque, an accreditation organisation who reward and promote organisations that prove they operate with the highest standards.

Dave comments: “Bringing PPD under the CSG banner has been the plan since I co-founded the Compliance Standard Group with business partner Mark Boughton in 2017. The Goal of PPD was always to improve safety across the board within every organisation we worked with. The Compliance Standard Group takes this notably further by providing comprehensive and accessible compliance services and tools that not only increase safety but also enable organisations to rapidly attain and exceed statutory compliance. Training is still a core part of our services, but a lot of what we do today is to help our clients to go beyond legal compliance and work towards class leading excellence and responsibility. It’s an exciting time for everyone involved!”

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