Every year a million workdays are estimated to be lost because of work-related illnesses.  According to Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 35.2 million days were lost in 2022/23 due to illness and injuries in the workplace with 1.8 million workers suffering from a work-related illness. In addition, 60,645 injuries to employees were reported under RIDDOR costing the economy an estimated £20.7 billion.

The importance of Health and Safety in the workplace simply cannot be underestimated. It is part and parcel of being a good employer making sure your staff aren’t at risk of any injury or made ill as a result of the work they do for you and remember; It is the Law to protect them.

Today, Workplace Safety has become one of the main priorities for organisations across the world. As Safe workplaces are also productive ones, employers strive to find new ways to keep their remote, frontline, and workplace employees Safe and Healthy.

By protecting your workers, you can reduce absences, ensuring that your workplace is more efficient and productive.  Research shows that workers are more productive in workplaces that are committed to a positive Health and Safety culture, thus reducing down-time caused by illness and accidents with less disruption that saves you money.

Employers can benefit from a Safer Workplace by developing a suitable Safety strategy that fits within their operations. For example, creating effective policies and procedures,  providing suitable & sufficient Risk Assessments, staff training, better communication, effective audit and inspection regimes all provide value added improvements to employee welfare and safety which in turn equates to a profitable business.

What happens when employers ignore Health and Safety in the workplace:


  • Unlimited Fines and/or Imprisonment
  • Compensation Claims
  • Removal as a Director (of a UK company) for up to 5 years
  • Damaged Work Equipment
  • Loss of Reputation
  • Decreased Productivity & Increased Staff Turnover

Employees can also face:


  • Loss of Wages
  • Pain and Discomfort
  • Negative Effects on Health & Wellbeing
  • Medical Expenses
  • Chances of Unemployment

Remember! A positive Health & Safety culture has may benefits not only to an organisation, but also to the wider community.

If you feel your behind with your health and safety, we can help.

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    “Our staff felt more confident within their roles following the interactive e learning they completed on Compliance Standard Group platform. We would highly recommend this E learning platform to others who are looking for online training for Health and safety related subjects such as Fire safety, COSHH, Environmental and Mental health, etc… We found the Compliance Standard Group to be very helpful and supportive, they gave clarity on subjects and  provided extra information when requested.”

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