At the Compliance Standard Group, we have been working with clients remotely during this challenging time and the new normal regarding ISO Standards is fast becoming remote auditing.

At least two clients have conducted Environmental and Quality continuous audits with accreditation bodies successfully.

So, what is the future?

Many of us are working from home and now more than ever organisations are utilising Integrated Management Systems that allow access to evidence online 24/7. So, do you actually need on-site audits all the time?

Evidence can be provided by document share and via video meetings conducted with easily accessible software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype.

Environmental impacts are reduced too as less travel translates to less C02 emissions. Benefits don’t stop there; cost is saved in travel and subsistence and time is saved by not traveling as much.

Technology can now successfully support remote audits, which can also include internal audits too.

The world is changing and so is how we maintain our standards, successfully.

Time for a reboot me thinks!

Mark Boughton

Mark is director at the Compliance Standard Group. We provide Integrated Management Systems, ISO International standards, online and face-to-face training with consultancy sitting at the heart of everything we do.

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