Legislation is one of the most important instruments of government in organising society and protecting citizens. It determines amongst others the rights and responsibilities of individuals and authorities to whom the legislation applies.

By using HSG 65 as a benchmark, The benefits of using a Compliance Management System are huge and not to be underestimated within an organisation.

Below are 10 benefits of a good Compliance Management System. There are lots more but let’s focus.

1. Reduces organisational and individual risk

No one wants to go to court, right! Reduce both your company and individual’s exposure by having systems in place to ensure everyone in the organisation is safe and that all your visitors are safe by careful consideration of the facts not the fake news.

2. Enables less hesitance and more confidence

Confidence comes from knowledge, Experience, Qualification & Training enabling the right decision to be made at the right time backed up by a good, reliable Compliance Management System. You know what your saying is right, as the system doesn’t lie.

3. Uncovers better data for better decisions

Data is king. A place for everything and everything in its place. The ability to have hands on data retrieval in a live system (no desktop folders now!) at any time is key to operational excellence and making the right decision every time.

4. Gives the gift of efficiencies and economies of scale

I need more staff” How many times do you hear that! If you get organised, it is often the case that you do not and can in fact deploy staff in different areas of the operation. A good Compliance Management System drives efficiency and cuts waste in all operational aspects.

5. Results in a smaller, better organized toolbox

Yes, it does! Do not over complicate things, streamline them. Use visual management and Compliance Management Systems to underpin everything you do.

6. Levels the playing field

Your competitors are doing it, so why shouldn’t you! Using Compliance Management Systems underpinned by HSG 65 not only drives the safety culture, but also drives the business. Less incidents, accidents and near misses are quantifiable as cost saving done in the correct manner. Oh, and by the way, more and more bids for services and supplies insist on a Safety Management System and sometimes a Quality Management System and Environmental Management System. All these things should be swept up within a good Compliance Management System.

7. Helps realise a company’s mission

Your Company Health & Safety Policy Statement is your mission statement. A robust Compliance Management System helps everyone in the organisation understand their role within it, how to manage Risk and how to stay safe.

8. Enhances relationships with regulators and other stakeholders

Remember, even if you don’t have a Compliance Management System, you must still comply with all Statute Law. If you don’t have any idea what legislation applies to your company, how can you defend yourself if an incident occurs? Good Compliance Management Systems utilise HSG65 as the bedrock, with customisable Registers of Statutory Legislation built in. If the HSE turns up at your organisation to conduct an unannounced inspection, can you demonstrate compliance easily?

9. Reminds us that transparency is good busines

Transparency is key to operational excellence. No single point of failure, no sweeping non conformance under the carpet for someone else later to deal with later. Do it once, do it right!

10. Helps attract and retain talent and ensure employee engagement

Would you want to work for a company that doesn’t take its Compliance obligations seriously? I wouldn’t, and so wouldn’t most people. We don’t come to work to get hurt. We come to work to feel fulfilled, know that we make a difference and that everyone is treated with the same level of governance. Staff that are fully engaged, motivated and well trained will be easier to retain and motivated to succeed. A fully integrated Compliance Management System underpinning HSG 65 together with good Environmental and Quality practices will make that difference.

Go on, make a change today.


The Compliance Standard Group was formed to provide accessible Compliance Management Systems, services and tools that enable organisations to rapidly attain statutory compliance.

Our goal is simple. We aim to improve efficiency and Environmental Health & Safety within the workplace using our Moral, Legal & Financial model.

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