Sustainable construction practices are needed right here, right now. It may be news to the you that the construction industry, together with the materials industries that support it, is one of the major global consumers of natural resources, both physical and biological.

Apart from Brexit, it looks like 2019 is going to be a difficult year for Government and industry following the recent publication of the Government’s response to recommendations made by the Committee on Climate Change.

All sectors need to play their part with zero carbon new buildings and substantial energy efficiency improvements made to the existing building stock all be it at a huge cost. Things  don’t just happen overnight and require a long term, forward thinking strategy and policy framework. Some work has begun on addressing the regulatory and technical challenges that lie ahead and these will continue through 2019, so let’s hope it continues.

But let’s take a rain check? Have we been here before?

Sustainability is a worn phrase rolled out again and again by government and those wishing to influence the building industry, or those who talk about the environment but are they really committed to it?

The recent demonstrations in London and the wider UK have shown that the common man (and woman!) can influence how the government think, or can they?

I’ll leave that for you to decide.

The fact is that the proposed changes in part L of the building regulations maybe don’t go far enough.

Are we just tinkering around the edges, or will it need total melt down of the echo structure for everyone to wake up?

Me, maybe that trip to Mars is on the cards.

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