Fire extinguisher training is designed for members of staff who have no experience in handling a fire extinguisher or tackling a small fire. The fire extinguisher training will be relevant to your type of building or potential fire risks that may occur in your building, and of course the correct fire extinguisher to use on different types of fire.

Staff will learn to fight fires with confidence using the appropriate fire extinguisher using a live fire simulator giving delegates the chance to use each type of extinguisher. The training will help staff understand the fire precautions in their workplace and the threat posed by fire to people and the business property.

Staff will also gain the knowledge and confidence in the selection, use and all safety aspects of fire extinguishers located within your workplace.

Fire Extinguisher Training Course Content:

  • Fire Classification (theory session)
  • Fire Extinguisher Capabilities & Limitations (theory session)
  • Fire Extinguisher Types & Colour Coding (theory session)
  • Application of Extinguishing Media (theory session)
  • Fire Action Routines (practical session)
  • Use of appropriate extinguishers relevant to clients workplace (practical session)

Our price includes:

  • Certification
  • Dynamic & fun training
  • All course material
  • Practical use of fire extinguishers

Fire extinguisher training courses are a legal requirement in the UK under the Fire Safety Order 2005.

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