2 Application Body Fluid Clean-up Kit in Small Black/Yellow Integral Aura Box

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This body fluid clean-up kit is designed to safely clean up spillages such as vomit, blood or urine. Any bodily fluid should be treated as infectious and this clean up kit will not only allow you to effectively disinfect the spillage but it also provides complete protection for the users.

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Incident packs are individually boxed.
Provides containment and disposal in each application.
Meets current HSE requirements.

1 Absorbent Granules 10g
1 Apron, Polythene
1 Gloves, Pair
1 Sanitizer Spray 8ml
1 Scoop Scraper
1 Tissues, Pack 10
1 Waste Bag
1 Wipe, Cleansing
2 Wipes, Dry

Dimension/Size: 22.5cmH x 23cmW x 9.5cmD

Unit: 1