HSE 20 Person Workplace Kit in Green Oxford Box

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With this first aid kit, makes sure you have the supplies to deal with an injury in the workplace for up to 20 people at a time.

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Standard economic durable carry case
Protects from dust and moisture
HSE basic workplace kit
Content based on 1997 ACOP
Covers 20 persons (risk dependent)

6 Bandages, Triangular
4 Dressings, Eye Pad
3 Dressings, HSE Large 18cm x 18cm
9 Dressings, HSE Medium 12cm x 12cm
2 Gloves, Pairs
1 Guidance Leaflet
40 Plasters, Assorted Washproof
12 Safety Pins
10 Wipes, Cleansing

Dimension/Size: 23.5cmH x 27.5cmW x 9cmD

Unit: 1