Site First Response Kit in Green Rucksack

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Easy to carry rucksack for use in a first response incident comes with multiple compartments.

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140-piece first response kit.
Complies with and exceeds
British Standard BS8599-1:2019 medium. Detachable smaller ‘grab-&-go’ internal kit.

2 Bandages, Conforming
3 Bandages, Triangular
2 Dressings, Burn
3 Dressings, Eye Pad
3 Dressings, Finger
4 Dressings, HSE Medium
3 Dressings, HSE Large
2 Foil Blankets, Adult
9 Gloves, Pairs
1 Guidance Leaflet
60 Plasters, Washproof Assorted
1 Resuscitation Face Shield
1 Shears
2 Tapes, Microporous
30 Wipes, Cleansing

2 Burn Dressings, 10cm x 10cm
1 Eye Wash, Bottle 500ml
1 Dressing, Trauma Medium
1 Dressing, Trauma Large
8 Foil Blankets, Adult
1 Resuscitation Face Shield

Dimension/Size: 38cmH x 26cmW x 20cmD

Unit: 1