Biohazard Clean-up System

£193.12 + VAT

All workplaces are unique, the first aid requirements are too. Choosing from six individual options will let you create the Workplace First Aid System your risk assessment demands.


Body Fluid and Sharps Clean-up packs contain everything required for containment and disposal in individual boxed applications.
Includes: Body Fluid Clean-up Kit.
Sharps Clean-up Kit.
Accident Book.
Sign ‘Biohazard Guidance for Use’.

1 Accident Book
1 Sign ‘Biohazard System Guidance’
1 Biohazard Body Fluid Clean-up Kit:
2 Body Fluid Clean-up Applications
12 Gloves, Pairs
Single Body Fluid Application, contains:
1 Absorbent Granules 10g
1 Apron, Polythene
1 Gloves, Pair
1 Sanitizer Spray 8ml
1 Scoop Scraper
1 Tissues, Pack 10
1 Waste Bag
1 Wipe, Cleansing
2 Wipes, Dry
1 Biohazard Sharps Clean-up Kit:
Single Sharps Application, contains:
1 Forceps
1 Gloves, Pair
1 Waste Bag
1 Sharps Container 0.2ltr
1 Sanitizer Spray 8ml
1 Wipe, Cleansing

Dimension/Size: 75cmH x 34.7cmW x 10.5cmD

Unit: 1