RespiPro Carbon Nanofibre Respirator (3pck)

£8.33 + VAT

The RespiPro Carbon face mask is a class-leading premium respirator featuring a filter certified by EU, American and Chinese authorities to capture 99.9% of viruses, smog, emissions, bacteria, moulds, pollen, and dust. This face mask also features a special carbon layer that protects the wearer against odours.

Typically, face masks with a 99% level of filtration will be uncomfortable and difficult to breathe through, a particular benefit of the RespiPro is that it’s design and patented nanofibre filter make it comfortable and very easy to breathe through.

Whether you are a professional working in a demanding front-line situation or a member of the public who is travelling, commuting or working, the stylish RespiPro Carbon offers fantastic protection from diseases, harmful particulates and unpleasant odours.

Size & Face Fit

The RespiPro Carbon is currently available in one adult size (L) which is suitable for people who need a medium to large size – In each pack you will find a small black clip (see image) that attaches to the ear loops, this allows you to tighten the mask as required to ensure a tight protective seal. The mask can also be worn more casually by simply looping the bands around the ears.


  • Resistant against liquids inc. blood, non-corrosive chemicals and paraffin oil
  • This product is certified PPE: Meets and far exceeds FFP2 EN:149 & GB2626-2006 KN95
  • Available in one adult size suitable for medium and large faces, straps can be placed behind the ears or for a more secure fit use the adjustable clip to ensure a tight seal
  • Face mask respirator intended for professional use or use by members of the public looking for premium protection whilst working, travelling etc
  • High protection mask that’s cooler and easier to breathe in than other masks – fits securely and very comfortable to wear for long periods
  • 99.9% filtration goes both ways – you are protected from others and others are protected from you
  • Resistant against liquids inc. blood, non-corrosive chemicals and paraffin oil
  • A special carbon layer protects you against odours
  • Nanofibre skin irritability rating of zero – tested under EN ISO 10993-1
  • Electrostatic filters used in most face masks lose 40-60% filtration after 30mins due to a process called IPA Soaking, whereas the filter in this mask maintains it’s filtration efficiency
  • In the pack: 3 black single use RespiPro Carbon masks and an adjustable clip to ensure a tight seal

Delivery of orders takes 2-5 days and is a flat rate of £8.00.

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