RespiRaptor FFP2 EN149 Nano Respirator (Single)

£2.25 + VAT

The RespiRaptor® is the lightest respirator of it’s kind in the world at just 4.38g and features the Respilon® nanofibre filter which is proven to filter 99.9% of viruses and bacteria as well other harmful particulates from the air. With widely available face masks falling short in protection against viral outbreaks, the RespiRaptor® is designed to become a new standard for low-cost high-protection for professionals across numerous sectors.

Easy comfort and outstanding breathability make the FFP2 RespiRaptor® a perfect choice for large public and private sector organisations looking to offer protection from viruses, bacteria, dust, spores and particulate emissions.

The RespiRaptor®  available to order as single units, or bulk orders with minimum order requirement, talk to us about  discounts.

Certification: EN149:2001+A1:2009 and GB2626-2006. VFE Test report Nelson Labs.

  • Primary Purpose: protection of respiratory tract from aerosols, solid and liquid particles.
  • CE Marked FFP2 EN149 Nanofibre Respirator.
  • Lowest price nanofibre respirator available.
  • 99.7-99.9 per cent viral and bacterial filtration.
  • Also filters PM2.5 smog, dust and allergens.
  • Several million pores per square cm.
  • A new generation of extra-comfort headbands.
  • Super light and easy to breathe through.
  • The shape allows for clear speaking.
  • Adjustable nose support secures seal and prevents glasses fogging.
  • One adult size with adjustable clip for medium and large adults.
  • Perfect for a long shift – maintains it’s filtration efficiency throughout it’s 24hr use and is not affected by humidity from breath.

Delivery of orders takes 2-5 days and is a flat rate of £8.00.

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